04 diciembre 2009

Tabla de posiciones Ligas Europeas

En esta nota vamos a incluir las tablas de posiciones de las principales ligas europeas:

Esto está actualizado online con la información de Fifa.com a la fecha de hoy que es la siguiente:

13 noviembre 2009

Post de prueba con nuevo template

Este es un post de prueba para ver como se visuaiza con el nuevo template de este blog. Incluye texto y tambien una imagen para confirmar si la imagen aparece o no en la portada del blog.

18 abril 2009

Post de prueba con nuevo template

Este es un post de prueba para ver cual es la calidad y tipo de texto con este nuevo template

24 marzo 2009

Post de prueba para color background

En esta oportunidad queremos contarles en forma resumida sobre un viaje que hicimos hace un tiempo a una ciudad en Brasil que se llama Curitiba. Cuando la gente en el mundo menciona el nombre de Brasil, seguramente se le viene a la mente en forma inmediata el nombre de Rio de Janeiro, y probablemente Sao Paulo.

Esto es normal puesto que ambas son las ciudades más conocidas en Brasil y tambien son las más grandes e importantes. De hecho, la ciudad de Sao Paulo es la ciudad más grande en America Latina, ¿sabía Ud eso?

Rio de Janeiro es una de las ciudades más famosas en todo el mundo y esa es una de las razones por las cuales la gente en el mundo asocia Brasil con esa ciudad. Sin embargo, como comenzamos diciendo en el inicio de esta nota, hace un tiempo hicimos un viaje a la ciudad de Curitiba, la cual está localizada en el Estado de Paraná en Brasil.

Curitiba está muy cerca de Sao Paulo, aproximadamente a una hora de vuelo. Antes de mi visita a Curitiba yo realmente casi no tenía mayor información sobre la ciudad, me imaginaba que era una ciudad pequeña en el area rural de una provincia lejana en Brasil.

23 mayo 2008

Real Madrid won the Liga again

Real Madrid has won the Spanish League for 2nd year in a row. This time the championship was defined 2 games before end of season. This was a great year for coach Bern Shuster, his 1st year with Real Madrid and his 1st championship as well.......Great work

17 julio 2006

Real Madrid rivalry with FC Barcelona

The rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is legendary. From the start the clubs were seen as representatives of the two rival regions of Spain, Castile and Catalonia, as well as the two cities themselves. However the rivalry reached a new level during the Generalísimo Francisco Franco years when Real Madrid was considered to be the "regime team" while FC Barcelona was regarded as the team of the opposition.

Although following the Spanish Civil War Real Madrid received considerable institutional assistance from the Franco regime, as he saw the club as the sporting embodiment of the Spain he wanted to create, during the war itself members of both clubs suffered at the hands of Franco supporters. FC Barcelona president Josep Sunyol was killed while Real Madrid president Rafael Sánchez Guerra, a prominent Republican, was imprisoned and tortured. They also arrested and murdered a Real vice-president and club treasurer and an acting president disappeared-

The rivalry was given a significant boost by the 1943 Copa del Generalísimo semi-final between the two clubs. The first leg ended in a 3-0 loss for Real, but the return leg in Madrid saw them win 11-1. It has been alleged by some that the FC Barcelona players were pressured into losing the game. The dispute over Alfredo Di Stéfano in the 1950s intensified the rivalry further.
There is no doubt that Franco benefited from Madrid's achievements in Europe and used the club for propaganda purposes. On the football field, however, both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona have enjoyed success throughout their history, both in Spain and in Europe, regardless of who led the government.
These are interesting facts..........did you know about them?. This rivalry is historical, both teams are by far the best in Spain. The last couple of years it seems that FC Barcelona has done pretty well, but Real Madrid will improve sooner or later. Maybe this coming season 2006-2007 will be for Real Madrid........what do you think?

13 julio 2006

Zidane, a Real Madrid icon

As you read about Zinedine Zidane's retirement from football, his goals, feints, incredible ball control, and unique roullette should come to mind. However, the Magician's arrival to Real Madrid meant more than just football. He brought an elegance and chivalry that were extended through every foundation, school, meeting with those less fortunate, or benefit act that he attended to help the smallest of supporters. For these reasons, and since his number '5' shirt was hung in stores throughout Spain for the very first time, Zidane was, is, and will forever stand as an incomparable symbol of the Club's gallery of legends.

Ever since the rumours began regarding his potential signingon 4 July 2001, Real Madrid supporters worldwide were thrilled and mesmerized by the 13th French player in the history of Real Madrid. Both Florentino Pérez's and Zizou's own dreams came true on 9 July. He left Turin and landed in Spain, his wife's parents home country and the setting of his final years as a footballer. The greatest signing of the 2001-02 season proudly donned his immaculate white shirt in the Ice Palace of the former Sports Complex in front of nearly 500 media representatives.

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